West Wind Drive In Movie Theatre

Date Night: 07.13.13 @ 9 PM, “Despicable Me 2”

Summertime means fun Saturday nights at the drive-in! It has become our tradition to go to the drive-in during the warm summer nights in the Bay Area. I even change into my pj’s and wear fuzzy socks. We always remember to bring a fluffy blanket and buy the usual junks (popcorn, cotton candy, etc) from the concession stand.

Last night we saw “Despicable Me 2" (which by the way was super-cute!)  It was played back to back before they would play the second movie at 1 am! We left at around 12:30 am. It was another fun date night at the drive in!

It is sad to see that just a handful of drive in movie theatres are left in the country. It is a dying American past-time with the soaring real estate prices. A fun and cheap date night or family activity for just $7 per person for 2 movies while in the comfort of your car.  Enjoy it while you still can!

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