Brunch Date:10.13.13

Old Fisherman’s Grotto (Monterey)

Before heading back to the SF Bay Area after an overnight stay in Santa Cruz, we decided to enjoy  the gorgeous sunny weather by having brunch in Monterey and visiting the Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf for the first time.

I have read about the Old Fisherman’s Grotto somewhere and decided to check this out. I choose, my guy follows. Lucky me! 😉

The restaurant is located at the wharf amidst the souvenir shops.  We asked for a table by the window and we were rewarded with the magnificent view of Monterey Bay, and even got a cute perfomance by a seal lion who decided to amuse us for a little bit.

It turned to be a very enjoyable lunch.

MANGO MARGARITA $4.95: I really badly needed coffee but I could not resist to try this for the special price. It turned out to be a well-made and refreshing cocktail although a little too sweet. Very good, though!

CLAM CHOWDER $5 (with entree): I am lactose intolerant (major life fail) but I read that this is a “must try” at OFG. Yes, I did get sick later but it was every bit worth it. Creamy, very flavorful with real bits of clams.

The rest of our meal was very good!

MEXICAN COCKTAIL $12: Cocteles in Mexican restaurants. Nothing special but the shrimp and avocado were fresh. Good.

GRILLED SCALLOPS $21: I love scallops and I truly enjoyed my entree. It came with couscous and grilled brussell sprouts. Simple, clean-tasting and memorable. After the bread and the appetizer, I was already full that I had to take half of it home.

TREASURE OF THE SEA $36: My guy’s order of ½ lobster stuffed with shrimps. He ate most of it except the ginormous claw. He claimed he was already full but I think he just wanted to give it to me since he knows I love seafood so much. I had the lobster and scallops the next day and I fell in love with our meal all over again!

Check: $126 including tip, coffee and iced tea  with lots of leftovers for two more meals.

VERDICT: A spendy meal but memorable and worth the splurge. There will definitely be a next time.

Date Night Tips:

1. Old Fisherman’s Grotto is a handsome restaurant with dark heavy wood furnishings but try to sit by the window with a view of the bay.

2. Go for a stroll at the wharf before or after.

3. Visit the free museums about Old California.

4. You can get canned chowder to take home from the restaurant or the souvenir shop across the street but I bet it is not going to be  as good as eating it at OFG while admiring the view!


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