Date Night: 01.11.14

WISHING CRAB (Brentwood, CA)

First date night of 2014 was courtesy of future parents-in-law (FPIL). They treated us to dinner to celebrate my guy’s birthday.

Wishing Crab is a casual restaurant in the suburbs of Brentwood whose specialties are seafood steam pots.

Per FPIL recommendation, we ordered 2 steam pots with a mix of Raging Cajun and Butter Garlic  sauces.  For under $30 per steam pot, each pot served two people and came with 2 sausages, 2 potatoes, 2 corns and a quarter of a crab, clams and shrimps.

The sauces were flavorful, spicy and very nice. We also ordered the calamari which was pretty standard while the the cajun fries were nicely spiced, hot and crispy. They were good.  

The garlic noodles were al dente but really bland.

Future mother-in-law and I had 2 drinks each. I had two  Sexy Chocolate – a sweet drink with Godiva chocolate. YUM!

Dinner with the FPIL was very enjoyable. The food at Wishing Crab was decent. The only complaint was the skimpy quarter crab with barely any meat it in. However, for the price of about $30 per steam pot, it was a fair meal. Service was friendly.

My guy was given a complimentary 2-bite ice cream with a candle on top for his birthday. I do not mind a return visit if ever we are in the area.

(Thanks for the generous dinner, FPIL!)

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