Date Night:  Bowl’d BBQ Korean Stone Grill (Oakland)


Bowl’d specializes in “Create Your Own” Bibimbop or rice bowls (cold or sizzling).  I was expecting a limited menu of just rice bowls but I was pleasantly surprised! Bowl’d offers Korean barbecues and popular Korean dishes such as jap chae, kimchi stews, rice cakes, etc.

Sizzling bibimbop is my ultimate Korean comfort food right next to kimchi tofu stews. However, my guy and I are trying to stay away from carbs. We ordered the 2 Person Combo Dinner that came with 2 meats (we chose ribeye and barbecue chicken), egg casserole and tofu stew and rice.

For $50 the portions were very generous.  Piles of meat were placed in front of us.

I also ordered the Mango soju $6. It was my first time trying this drink even though I have had sake many times in the past. True to its reputation, it was a “creeper.” I did not feel the effects until after I downed my drink. That stuff was strong! It was refreshing but just okay for me.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Mushroom Pancake in Egg Batter $7. The eggs were soft and fluffy. It was a very nice dish.


I truly enjoyed our dinner at Bowl’d. I like the contemporary space with high ceilings. This is different from most traditional Korean restaurants with cramped spaces. 

The flavors were light. For more authentic tastes, I still prefer Casserole House  next door.  However, there was something about Bowl’d’s fun ambiance that I really would like to go back to eat through the menu.  I will definitely try their Korean Fried Chicken and bibimbop.

And lastly, I am a fan of their multi-grain rice option and options to create your own toppings whether they be rice dishes, soups or stews.

(The original Bowl’d is in Berkeley.)

                       $81 including tax, tip, a drink and appetizer.

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