Date Night: Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House (Oakland)


If you are looking for ambiance, you will not find it at Kamdesh.  Even my guy was disappointed at first when he saw the cramped restaurant.

Kamdesh is very small. It is really a hole in a wall that can hold probably up to 15 people max. What gave us a little bit of hope was we were not the only ones “dressed” for date night. There were nicely dressed couples who obviously were on romantic dates and made Kamdesh part of their evening. Then people started coming in and vying for tables. The line got longer and longer. We were barely seated ourselves. Then I knew that Kamdesh  will live up to its reputation as an excellent Afghan restaurant.

We had:

  • Eggplant Borani: A nice dish of mashed eggplant with yogurt.
  • Mantoo: I really wanted to try this dumpling dish filled with beef and veggies topped with yogurt. It did not disappoint. It was so interesting that it Afghan dish resembles Asian dumplings.
  • Lamb Tikka Kabob: My guy and I ordered this same dish and we both agreed that it was an excellent dish. The lamb was juicy and tender while the seasoned rice tasted lovely.

At the end of our meal, my guy and I agreed that Kamdesh is now our new go-to Afghan place. We just have to get there as soon as it opens, otherwise, it will have to be takeout that night.  We are dreaming of  eating through the entire menu of beef kebab, lamb chops, fish and chicken kebabs, etc. This is as authentic as it gets. It was fun to watch the kebabs being grilled on the high flame coming from the grill.

My only wish? I wish they start serving wine to complement the hearty meals they offer.

Great value at $55 including a generous tip and 1 drink.


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