Mavelous Wine Bar (SF)


I have always wanted to check out Mavelous. And I love saying “Mah-ve-lous. 🙂

I have passed by this little wine bar many times since it is so close to work.

When I finally went, I found the place tiny but whimsical in an edgy San Francisco kind of way. The murals on the wall were bold, contemporary and depicting of the spirit of SF.

My boss insisted on buying me and another co-worker/BFF Russell a glass of wine each since we were already off the clock. I chose a rose which was too dry for me so I only took a few sips. I did not really like it. Russell opted for coffee since he was recovering from the flu. He is a coffee connoisseur and he declared Mavelous’ coffee as very good.

The place was packed with techies parked on their laptops. Everyone we met was friendly and happily made room for our little party.

I will definitely return for another glass of vino and cheese plates (and of course, that will be after work.) Food menu is limited to pastries and cheeses.

*Personal Notes:

It is okay 

Neighborhood: Civic Center (across from the Twitter HQ)

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