SF Stroll: Charlotte & George Shultz Horse Shoe Drive @ The SF War Memorial

03.18.14, Tuesday @ 5 pm

Another gorgeous day in San Francisco. Gorgeous days are for strolling and exploring this city. I needed a late afternoon lunch break to clear my head from too much work. I decided to take a stroll on Hayes Valley and discovered this garden on my way back to work.

The City Hall is a permanent fixture in the neighborhood where I work at. I have been working at Civic Center for almost 7 years. However, today has been the first day I walked through this garden on Horse Shoe Drive. Located across from the City Hall and adjacent to the War Memorial Building, this manicured space is a quiet and pretty place for leisurely walking.

The majestic architectures of Civic Center always reminds me of Europe, most particularly Italy and Spain – well, minus the homeless denizens of SF. It was a very enjoyable walk at 5 o’ clock in the afternoon. I feel so lucky to work in this part of San Francisco.

Neighborhood: Civic Center

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