SF Stroll: San Francisco Chinatown

03.17.14, Monday @ 3 pm

What a gorgeous day today in San Francisco! The weather is warm and lovely.

It was 3 o’ clock and I needed a break. I found myself walking on Market Street towards Downtown. There were so many tourists around. A bunch of young tourists were waiting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and hollering about needing a beer in this beautiful weather. Without planning to, I found myself at the gates of Chinatown. It was a half an hour walk from Civic Center but I did not even feel it. It was such an enjoyable stroll through downtown while window-shopping and people watching. I have not been here in years! Chinatown is just in my backyard. I just need to go more often!

Note to Self:

Next time I have to go through the gates and get myself to a box of dim sum.

Neighborhood: Chinatown/North Beach

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