Little Escapes: Staying at Home on a Gorgeous Day

Such a beautiful day today! It is sunny but cool. The shade in my tiny backyard looks so inviting.

I feel guilty for staying home. I should really be doing something today. Maybe I should visit the Rose Garden, or to go a sunny cafe to read, or maybe go window-shopping at the neighborhood boutiques, or get my nails done. Maybe I should go to the City to do a neighborhood stroll on the places on my list like Northbeach.

But I love to stay home. I love my cozy and tidy house. I enjoy hanging out with my cat. I have my books, kindle and movies. I have plenty of snacks from Trader Joe’s as well as a good supply of teas and wine.

And best of all, I love being in my pj’s. If I could wear pj’s to work and everywhere, I would. 

Well, it is a lovely Saturday all to myself. My guy is working. So far I have finished cleaning the house, taken a nice shower,  been blogging, eaten a snack from Trader Joe’s, been enjoying a glass of wine while in my pj’s. I am actually having fun! Okay, it is Saturday. I will just enjoy it as I please.


04.19.14, Oakland

(Photo: Sunflowers that I picked up from Trader Joe’s last Thursday. They are now making my house bright and happy. Sunflowers are among my favorite flowers.)

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