Emeryvillle, CA | Afternoon Date At Honor Bar

Date Night: Honor Kitchen and Cocktails (Emeryville, CA)


I found Honor and Kitchen and Cocktails on a food blog. I thought it would be a perfect pre-movie dinner in Emeryville where we were planning to see Captain America 2.

Honor K&C is an epitome of “do not judge a book by its cover.” In this case, I would say “do not judge an eatery by its fugly building.” When we saw the this weirdly situated building, my guy went “Are you sure? It’s ugly!” This red paint made this restaurant looked like a cheap, sleazy bar in the boonies.

I was a little nervous myself but it was a totally different scene when we parted the heavy velvet curtains and walked in. The place was very dark but not in a slimy kind of way. It was classy, slightly edgy but sexy.

And the cocktails were fabulous. The dishes were served tapas-style but the portions were generous.


-Wild Boar Belly Sliders (2) $10

roasted garlic aioli, sweet red onion compote, watercress

-Bourbon Maple Chicken Lollipops $11 

buttermilk fried confit chicken legs, tomato-bacon jam, Bourbon maple glaze

-Handcut Kennebeck Fries $5

salt and vinegar aioli, serrano ham jelly, heinz ketchup

-Honor Cheeseburger

-Queen Anne’s Revenge $10: hibiscus-infused gin, egg white, lemon grapefruit marmalade, ginger beer

-Special Punch of the Day $8: rum, mango, earl grey tea


My guy was not impressed. I don’t blame him. His cheese burger was  garden-variety burger with anorexic patty. He thought the chicken lollipops were greasy and super-sweet.

MY VERDICT:    I Like it!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I, on the other hand, enjoyed my meal. As much as I hardly eat pork, the pork sliders were very flavorful. The chicken lollipops were fun to eat but I do agree that the achingly sweet-sour sauce ruined the dish. The trio of sauces for the fries were good.  The fries were a steal for $5.

And did I already mention that the cocktails were fabulous?! They were well-crafted, balanced, not overly-sweet and delicious. I am just wondering, how come I did not even get a buzz? (And this gal is well-known for being on the light-weight side when it comes to spirits.) Not much ETOH? Regardless, my drinks were very yummy.


Given that my guy’s belly was full of waffles that I cooked for breakfast that morning, I think Honor Kitchen and Cocktail deserves a second visit.  Most especially we had to skip going to the movies since he said he was having a case of too much food, i.e., indigestion. We just  headed back to watch DVD at home.


  • Order at the bar.
  • Pick up your drinks at the bar but your food will be delivered to you.
  • Very friendly staff.
  • HONOR YOUR HOPS (beers based on honor system) “‘The bucket of beers you passed on the way in are self-serve….Please tell your bartender to add it to your tab.”

$86 (including tip)

MOVIE NIGHT AT HOME: The Great Gatsby (Faithful to the book, great cinematography, not crazy about the music but this movie is recommended!)

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