Gorgeous Easter Day: Sunny. Warm. 75 Degrees

Highlights of the Day:

  • Vacuumed  my car at the car wash. (Have been needing to do this forever.)
  • Drove to Berkeley to get a Cinnaholic and found a spot around the corner! Finding a parking spot in Downtown Berkeley is considered a modern-day miracle!
  • Was so excited to sink my teeth into a Cinnaholic bun then found out that the place  was freaking closed early for Easter!
  • Just walked a round a little looking at window displays.
  • Just decided to go home and noticed the beautiful blooming flowers in my front yard.
  • Made a plate of spicy vegan sausage, egg and brown rice.
  • A glass of champagne and Mrs. Fields Brownies for dessert.
  • Read in my pj’s while waiting for my guy to come home.

Photos: “Easter Egg"  Ferrero Rochero from my guy, flowers in my backyard, a pretty boutique in Berkeley.

Easter, 04.20.14, Berkeley

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