The Saturday Morning Post


April 26, 2014, Saturday

The week started out pretty slow then started to gain momentum. It got pretty busy by Wednesday.


  • SHOPPING: Monday at Nordstrom Rack (Downtown SF) and found my new boots. Love them!
  • CULTURE VULTURE: Fed my inner Friday culture vulture – visited a very cool FREE exhibit at the SF Public Library “Forbidden City- USA.”
  • GIRLS TIME: Girls Night Out to celebrate Alexis’ birthday on Friday after work.
  • IMBIBE: Hit up “Alchemist” and “Garaje.” Such an evening of fun with my best gals!
  • NOURISH THE SOUL:  A lovely stroll at the Farmers’ Market on Wednesday even if I did not buy much AND refreshing solo Friday evening stroll at Yerba Buena at almost 9 pm after hanging out with my girls. Was feeling preeetty good by the time I got home.
  • NOURISH THE BODY: Felt like I was catching a cold since Monday. Somehow a big bowl of wonton soup at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon on Wednesday made me feel better AND leftover Chinese food to cure my teeny hangover on Saturday morning! (Thanks to my guy who ordered Chinese food delivery last night since I was not home to cook.)
  • NATURE: Sound of the heavy rain on Friday night  AND the happy  flowers in my garden after the rain.

Happy Weekend!

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