Little Blessings (And Little Escape as well!) #6: A BEAUTIFUL DAY AWAY FROM WORK

For clarification, I love my job and truly look forward to going to work every day. I consider myself blessed for having a career that I enjoy and believe in.

Yesterday, though, I had to attend an all-day training outside of the city. The training was held at a campus in Berkeley. It could not have been a more gorgeous warm day. I did not know anybody from the training and it provided me an opportunity to enjoy a little bit of solitude during breakfast and lunch. And both meals were provided for the attendees. (I chose  turkey sandwich with Lays Potato Chips and White Chocolate cookie. They were pretty yummy!)

Nice campus, warm day, free meals, moments of solitude, and being able to go home a little bit early to enjoy the rest of the gorgeous afternoon!

04.29.14, Berkeley

*100 Little Blessings — The challenge is to notice little joys everyday and to say a prayer of thanks for life’s little blessings.

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