The Saturday Morning Post



May 3, 2014, Saturday

Highlight of the week: It was HOT! Hottest was Wednesday at sweltering 90 degrees.

Breakfast Treats: I had two delicious breakfast treats this week instead of my usual blah! oatmeal brekkie. I had a morning bun on Tuesday from Market Hall in Oakland and an egg, sausage and cheese breakfast sammie  from Honey Bistro in SF on Thursday. YUMS!

A Day in Berkeley: Attended an all-day training in Berkeley. It was an enjoyable day away from work.

Reads: Halfway thru “Jane Austen Girl” on Kindle which I got free on Amazon. Obviously it is a chicklit but surprisingly well-written enough. It is engrossing and keeps me entertained during my 25 ride on BART to and from work.

Little Escape: I had a solo lunch in the Mission at La Santaneca on Friday. I had a plate of pupusas, rice and beans at 2:30 in the afternoon. Being able to get away to eat a filling lunch feeds not just the body but the soul as well.

Music: Friday morning after I got off BART, I heard this classical music being played on BART. It was a  symphony quartet probably by Conservatory of Music students. The music drew a good crowd. Heavenly music probably sounds like this.

Home Life:  I just had my trees trimmed in my back yard and in front of my house this morning. My tiny backyard looks brighter. I postponed this long enough because of the cost but now it feels like a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I am sure my neighbors are happy as well now that the leaves will no longer fall on their roof.

Overall, a quiet week with lots of blessings.

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