✿ Dinner and Movie Date Night ✿

Dinner: Wally’s  Cafe (Emeryville)

05.03.14 @ 5 PM







Walking into Wally’s is an adventure in itself. I have been wanting to check out Wally’s for the longest time. I saw the perfect opportunity last Saturday when I told my guy that I also wanted to see a movie after dinner. Wally’s is just few blocks away from AMC Bay Street.

I never expected Wally’s to be what it is. My guy and I looked like Bambi in the headlights when we walked into a sleazy bar full of “interesting” folks. Wally’s shares the space with Bank Club – a dive bar housed in a former bank that goes way back to old Emeryville.

The friendly patrons saw the stunned look in our faces when we walked into the dark bar and just pointed us to the back. And we were stunned (again!) to find Wally’s to be a small U-shaped counter/kitchenette that could seat about 16 people tops.  Unlike its neighbor, Wally’s is a family-friendly place – babies and children are welcome. If you are looking for ambiance, there is none.

Wally’s is mom-and-pop/hole-in-the-wall at its finest, and an example of why SF Bay Area is considered as one of THE foodie cities in the world.  The Mediterranean/Lebanese dishes were very tasty! Wally himself served us while directing the friendly kitchen staff. Values were great at $10-$15 which include lentil soup, salad, rice, main dish  and baklava! (I love, love baklava!)


We started off with Baba Ganoush (egg plant dip) served with warm, thin, delicate pita breads. Honestly, these were the best baba ganoush I have ever had. It was mild and not bitter unlike some of the baba ganoush that I have had.  $6.50

My guy ordered a lamb and chicken kabob while I ordered the shrimp and lamb kabob.  $15.95 each.


I ate my baklava when we got home as a midnight snack. Even after being in the fridge for few hours, they were still crispy and gooey. Delish!

My guy and I will definitely go back. We enjoyed the authentic, home style Mediterranean offerings.  Next  time, we will enter from the patio instead of the bar. You have to go through the bar at least once, though. It is part of the adventure!


$42 (before tip) CASH ONLY

I Love It!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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