✿ The Saturday Morning Post ✿

May 10, 2014


Highlight of the Week:  A cute new haircut and color with a new stylist! I felt like I was cheating on my stylist when I went to try a new one.  I  was just really WANTING and NEEDING a change in my hairstyle. After giving this new salon a try, I have officially broken-up with ex-stylist. (Don’t get me wrong — she was great! but she just could not do it for me anymore.) And I have officially entered into a new relationship with a new one who was not afraid to layer my hair. And I just love the new me!

Sweet Treat:  Banana bread from Libby Jane on Tuesday. This is my most favorite banana bread so far.

Breakfast Treats:  Guilt-ridden bacon and egg sandwich from Honey Bistro on Thursday, and bagel with salmon schmear catered by work on Friday. My Thursday meeting is relocating out of South of Market and will be moving to a building that is closer to cafe that serves organic and healthy food. (This is my excuse for indulging in “bad” brekkies!)

Savory Treat:  Egg Salad Sandwich on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 pm. (My second lunch for the day but I will just consider this as my “merienda”…)

Garden:  Bought plants and worked on my garden all afternoon on Sunday. Gardening is just so therapeutic!

Little EscapesYellow flowers from the Farmers Market. (The vendor told me they are called “Marco Polo.” They are pretty but so messy with yellow powder now all over my dresser!) 

Shopping:  More candles from Nordstrom Rack (Thursday) and Grocery Outlet (Sunday) for cozy evenings! I just love candles! Instant retail and aromatherapy!

Good Reads: Finally finished reading “Jane Austen Girl” on my Kindle which is a chicklit. However, it was a clean and enjoyable read with substance. It was so awesome that I read the very last page as my train reached my station. I hate it when I have few pages left and I have to exit the train or wait until the next time.

Food and Friendship:  Lunch with BFF Edel at Ajisen. Yummy ramen and comforting meal with a great friend! A really lovely way to wrap up the week!

It has been a hectic week at work but a really nice week overall!

Have a fun weekend!

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