Hella Vegan Food Truck (SF)

The hot 90 degree weather is probably to be blamed for my weird appetites lately. I just had my oatmeal at around 10 am but by 11:15 am, I am starving!

I decided to grab a snack at Hella Vegan Truck at the Civic Center Farmers Market which I had been eyeing for a long time. I am mesmerized by the truck’s psychedelic colors and I would often stand in front of it staring at the menu.

I finally got to try it today. I wanted something light (no heavy greasy fried stuff in his scorching weather.)

The Hellafornia Tacos (cola-braised seitan, peach salsa and potatoes) hit the spot — well, until early afternoon today. I am sure I will be hungry again by then.

The tacos were “different” and tasty. I have always loved seitan anyway (NOT satan!) which is an alternative to meat. Just like with many food trucks, value is not always great.

                                          $7 for two 2-bite tacos.

It was okay.  ♡ ♡ ♡

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