San Francisco Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39

Date Night: 05.10.14

While Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39 are among the two places on a tourist’s “must absolutely visit” list, locals balk at the idea of setting foot at these tourist attractions.

 Not this local. I do not care if it is “too touristy.” Spending an afternoon at the Wharf and the Piers is on top of my favorite things to do in San Francisco. Even though I work just 20 minutes away from these places, I rarely get find the time to go.  It has been two years since my guy and I last went, and I have been talking about Pier 39 quite a bit lately. We decided to come here for date night.

How could I not love Pier 39 and Fishermans Wharf?  I think these spots in San Francisco are among the most beautiful places on earth. The bay is just so beautiful. There are tons of things to see such circus acts, street artists and performers. And delicious seafood and guilt-ridden goodies! It is my happy place!

These are how we enjoyed our afternoon at Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39:

  • Went browsing at souvenir shops at Pier 39.
  • Paid my “friends” a visit – the Sea Lions on the pier. You just have to pay them a visit when visiting Pier 39! They are lazy, goofy and will provide you with cute entertainment.
  • Went for a stroll along Embarcadero on our way to Fishermans Wharf.
  • Watched street artists and street performers along the way.
  • We were watching out for the Bush Man – a SF icon who jumps out of a bush to scare you. You have to give him a dollar. I do not like him. (There were two “bushmen.” Sadly, one passed away this year.)
  • I dragged my guy towards Boudin –which is the flagship for the world-famous San Francisco Sourdough bakeshop. We stood by the display window to watch sourdough being turned into fun-shapes such as teddy bears, turtles, crocodiles, etc.
  • And my sweet tooth guy would not pass an opportunity to grab bread and cookies inside. He got us chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, volcano bread (loaded with cheese and garlic), two turtle bread and a chocolate-raisin sourdough bread for me.
  • We walked back to Pier 39 so I could grab a bucket of Trish’s Mini Donuts.I have been lusting after these donuts since I first read about them on a food blog. They were piping hot and melt in your mouth little morsels of joy. My guy could not keep his paw off of these donuts while he was driving and they were half-way gone by the time we got home.

We only stayed for 3 hours at Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39. We could have walked all the way to Ghirardelli Square (Yup, as in Ghirardelli Chocolates!) but we decided to head back.

These two places are not the only two visit-worthy attractions along Embarcadero. Embarcadero (a long street in SF) has many other beaches and spots that are not crowded nor known to tourists.  If you are visiting SF, though, you really should at least visit the Wharf and the Piers at least once.

*Just like with every major attractions all over the world, the prices are jacked-up. Take public transportation to avoid paying $25-$40 on parking! YIkes!

It had a been a beautiful day with perfect weather in SF. And what a lovely date night with my guy.

(I will post individual reviews separately of the eateries we visited.)

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