✿ Sweets and Notes ✿


“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

When I first discovered Tumblr, the only thing that  I had in mind was to write about food– freely and uncensored.

I wanted to capture the gastronomical experience of a particular meal; along with the nitty-gritty aspects of the dining establishment from the ambiance, decor, service to food execution and taste.

A year later, I realized that as much as I want to maintain a food blog as a keeper of my dining memories and restaurant guide for myself and my friends, I also want to write about more than food. I want to write about  life itself as I am living it. I want to write about friendships, encounters with strangers, about that little flower, how excruciatingly hot it was today, dreams of exotic places, etc.

I am not a writer nor I strive to be one but I am re-experiencing the new found freedom of self-expression. I have forgotten how rejuvenating and addicting it is to be able to put your thoughts into words.  I do understand that some  people would not care to read about the insignificant minute details of my day. However, I write not to gain an audience.

While anyone interested is welcome to catch a glimpse of my life, tt does not matter if I  remain to be the sole writer and reader of my journal.

As such, I decided to change the title of my blog to reflect what it really is – a personal diary and a food blog.

And “ Sweets and Notes” is born.

The title reflects my love for sweet things whether in food, life or people. And notes – because I want to keep a record of moments with friends, my current self and family that are worth remembering. These moments are so fleeting. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.  I am hoping that someday, I can look back and be reminded that “it has been a good and blessed life.

(Photo credit: Unknown artist. I found this art on Google.)

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