✿ Memorial Day Weekend 2014 ✿


Memorial Day this year was low-key but also fun and relaxing.


  • My guy and I went to Carnaval 2014 in the Mission to watch live music, people watch and enjoy the vibrant celebration of Latin culture. It was quite a walk from 24th Street BART to 20th and Harrison. That was about 10 long blocks but the streets were so festive which is why we did not even feel the walk!
  • We ate at an El Salvadorean restaurant, La Santaneca De La Mission, before we went home.


  • My guy went out of the house to run some errands but I stayed home all day. After doing the house chores, I did not really do anything but read, blog and paint my nails. Nice! 🙂
  • It was too hot that we just ate salad for dinner.
  • “My Friends With Better Lives” marathon while snacking on cheese and crackers. We just discovered this show and we thought it was really funny. We watched 8 shows back to back until 2 am!


  • Internet went out at around noon! 😦 It was out all day! Boo!
  • We were forced to just watch movies on DVD. We saw “The Jackie Robinson Story” and “White House Down.” “The Jackie Robinson Story” was good while “White House Down” was  action-packed, 2.5 hours long and mindless entertainment.  Perfect for Memorial Day movie marathon.
  • I made a big pot of chili topped with cheese, cilantro and green onions. My guy ate his with tortilla chips. It was my own recipe and it was yummy!

Overall, it was a fun, laid-back and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. It actually felt like a vacation at home!

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