100 Little Blessings #10

Finding flowers on my patio at the end of the day

Buying flowers are among my simple pleasures and special treat for myself. I buy a small bouquet once a week.  I do not spend a lot on flowers but just few dollars on sunflowers or irises.

I did not get a chance this week, though. I was just too tired to go the Farmers Market.  Yesterday, after regretting not buying flowers from the Ferry Building, I found these purple flowers on my patio when I got home. My guy did not know how they got there. They looked like they just broke off from a stem. Maybe it was the wind, we do not really know.

It did not matter where they came from  but I was thrilled. I got my flowers and I do not believe in coincidences. This has happened to me on many occasions. I would wish for a simple thing and it will be there in front of me – like a sweet present from a secret friend. And I know who that Friend is. This is how I know that He is always thinking of me and looking out for me.

Thank you.

*100 Little Blessings — Of course, every blessing is the biggest blessings of all. The challenge is to notice little joys everyday and to say a prayer of thanks for life’s blessings.

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