The Saturday Morning Post



05.31.14, Saturday

This has been a short week because of the Memorial Day Holiday. It still felt rushed yet slow at the same time on certain days. I guess long weekends just throw me off.

  • GIRLS AFTERNOON OUT: This has been the highlight of my uneventful week. My BFF, Heather and I, took a Friday afternoon away from work to celebrate her birthday at Hard Water and took a stroll at what we consider our “girlfriends foodie haven” in the City –  The Ferry Building.
  • SWEET TREATS: 01. A jar of Hersheys Chocolate Spread on toasted bread and bread sticks and 02. alfajores(I am addicted to these cookies!)
  • LUNCH TREATS: Nothing especial except for rushed meals of banh mi and  Chinese  food (tofu, string beans and eggplant over rice). I had a nice lunch of Gulf Flounder Sando with Potato Chips at Hard Water, though.
  • Shopping: A cute top from Anthropologie – one of my most favorite stores!
  • FIRST TIME: Green Tea Mochi Croissant! If almond croissant had hooked up with green tea mochi and had a baby, this would have been it! BFF Heather gave me this treat and I had it for the first time for breakfast today. What a nice combination of textures! Yums!
  • IMBIBE: Dixie Cocktail at Hard Water which was made with Old Forester bonded bourbon and creme de menthe served on a hand cut ice cube with lemon peel. Sounds good, right?! This was the strongest drink that I ever had in my life! It felt like a horse kick me in the head! I am not a hard liquor drinker but I do drink wine and champagne. Two of these and I would have been carried out of the restaurant. 7 hours later and I was still feeling intoxicated! Never again!
  • Cozy Friday: I brought my guy a pulled pork sammie as a treat on Friday evening but he was still hungry and had  pizza and chicken wings delivered. I only ate 4 wings and fell asleep on the couch while we were watching TV. That drink (see IMBIBE) really kicked me on the behind!
  • LOVE OF READING: I am rediscovering the delicious feeling of reading and holding an actual book instead of reading on my Kindle. I just finished a chicklit that killed a few of my braincells but I am happy that I started reading a real book again, and I am going to continue to do so. (I still love my Kindle, though.)
  • BODY AND SOUL: I am proud of myself for continuing to do my walks every morning and enjoy the beautiful gardens along the way.
  • Perfect Moment: Spending a whole afternoon with BFF Heather is always a beautiful memory but sitting down with her while drinking Blue Bottle Coffee at the Ferry  before calling it a day is one of those perfect moments. 

A short and uneventful week that was made special by a dear friend, my loving BF and small joys along the way!

Have a great weekend!

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