Girls Happy Hour @ Dirty Habit (SF)

Dirty Habit was the chosen venue to celebrate Heather’s birthday. Located on the 5th floor of Hotel Palomar, it is the newest scene in SF where beautiful folks want to see and be seen.

The uber chic dark decor and lively ambiance were the only things going on for Dirty Habit. Our drinks were a huge disappointment – they were weak and not well-crafted. The dishes (thick-cut fries, beef croquettes, ceviche, spiced nuts, bread plate, etc.) were not memorable. We ordered about 10 drinks between 4 girls and a bunch of dishes which I will not elaborate on because they were already forgotten. The contemporary patio with outdoor fireplaces and a view of downtown is worth going back to, though, for a glass of wine on a sunny afternoon.

Despite everything, my gals and I had a great time celebrating the beautiful birthday girl’s special day. It was also fun taking goofy pictures with the cool artworks in the background.

Pass!  ♡ ♡

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