SF Stroll: Mission Community Market


I stumbled upon this small farmer’s market by happenstance. I was in the Mission after work to pick up cupcakes at Mission Mini’s. I got curious when I saw this farmer’s market across the street.  22nd and Bartlett were blocked off to traffic to host vendors of produce, gourmet cheeses and pastries, flowers and arts and crafts. I did not buy anything but I walked around while carrying my two boxes of cupcakes just feeling delighted to stumble upon this family-friendly market amidst cafes and eateries. There was even  live music going on. Finding little  treasures like this unexpectedly gets me excited. Farmer’s markets are such a regular part of Bay Area  lifestyle  which  is one of the reasons why I love living in the Bay Area. I love the community spirit and the possibility of eating accessible and affordable farm-to-table organic food. It makes me feel close to earth and nature even if I live in an urban city. Another one of life’s little joys and simple pleasures!

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