100 Happy Moments

     8. Thoughtful Little Love Presents

My guy always gives me presents both big and small. I appreciate every gift he has given me but it is really the little presents that make me the happiest. I guess because it shows that he is always thinking about me. I love it when he brings me little things from the companies he works for. They are just fun stuff like a pen that lights up, coffee gift card, little snacks or this little guy. This little bee is really a “stress squeeze doll” but my guy thought that I might like him because he is so cute –well, they are both cute. 🙂 And he guessed right – I do (well, my cat likes him, too, since he already stole him from me)! Anyway, let this little guy be a reminder to BEE Happy! It is summer time!

Have a fun summer everyone!

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