Dine About Town June 2014: MY China

Girls Lunch Date: 06.09.14

Do you  remember “Yan Can Cook”?  I used to watch Chef Martin Yan with fascination as he was counting while chopping during his TV cooking show.

Chef Yan has recently opened a restaurant in San Francisco.

Located on the top floor of the Westfield Shopping Center, this fine dining Chinese restaurant matches the majestic dome of Westfield Mall. The decor is very classy with lots of textures yet flows smoothly like fine silk. There were buddhas on one side of the wall and Chinese snuff bottles on another side.


The decor is a feast for the eyes but the food as well. The dishes were not only pretty but delicious! I am wary of pricey Chinese food because good Chinese food is plenty in the Bay Area for cheap. Heather and I really enjoyed our food, the ambiance and professional service!


BFF Heather and I chose MY China as our choice for this summer’s Dine About Town (DAT) because of its convenient location downtown.  It was Monday and we were only there for our lunch hour. Here were our choices:

  • First Course: Dim Sum Collection (4 pieces)


  • Second Course: Kung Pao Shrimp


For $19.95 each, we were fed well. The portions were generous. The Kung Pao shrimp had big crispy peppers in it that I really enjoyed.


A good DAT choice. Heather and I have been lucking out on our DAT choices both in January and June DAT this year. (Believe me, we have starved at some DAT restaurants in the past!). t has been a week but I am still  craving what I had at MY China. I really want to go back to try more dishes!

Check: $26 pp with tax and tip

*Dine About Town returns every January and  June each year  in San Francisco featuring prix-fixe two- or three-course lunches for $18.95 and three-course dinners for $36.95, representing up to 25% off uniquely crafted menu items.

DAT is a good way to try  otherwise pricey restaurants without breaking the bank. Heather and I have been participating in DAT events for years.  It has become a tradition in our friendship and something we look forward to year after year. Hope next year’s DAT is as yummy!

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