“Me Time” Saturday Treats @ Wing Lee (SF)

It is my tradition to stop by Wing Lee every time I am on Clement Street. Clement,  which is located in the Richmond neighborhood, is considered SF’s  “second” Chinatown. It does not have the charm, history and romance of SF’s original Chinatown but Clement offers plenty of yummy Asian eateries. My visit to Clement is not complete without taking home a box of dim sum with me. Wing Lee’s dim sum is fresh and super-cheap! I had 3 orders each of shrimp gao, potsticker and rice ball for just a mere $5! I ate them while watching an 80s movie “Some Kind of Wonderful” at one o’ clock in the morning! Perfect midnight snack!

  • 503 Clement St
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    b/t 7th Ave & 6th Ave in Inner Richmond

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