Every year around June, my guy goes to a conference in Vegas. Being the good and trusting girlfriend that I am, I always tell him – “have lots of fun” and “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” And I truly mean it.  Time away from each other once in a while is healthy for the relationship. This is also the time for me to do as I wish which includes having a quiet “me time” at home and eating the food that I like but my guy might not care about. He would eat pretty much anything but he is not crazy about Asian food unless it is sushi. So while he was gone for two days, I had this genius idea last Thursday to leave work an hour early to go to Oakland Chinatown. I ended up doing a Chinese Food Haul like a little piggy. 😦 I went to different eateries and bought a little something from each place. I ended up getting the following:

  1. Pandan Waffle: Just $1.25, this has been on my foodie “to try” list forever. The waffle was already soggy by the time I got home but it was pretty yummy with a nice essence of pandan and coconut flakes. Glad to finally cross it off my list. (It tasted like bibingka.)
  2. Shrimp siu mai
  3. Fried rice
  4. Chow mein
  5. Fried tofu
  6. Preserved egg bun: I got pretty intrigued. I do not remember ever having this before so I had to try it. It turned out to be very similar to hopia but instead of duck egg in the middle, it has bits of preserved egg. Maybe it is an acquired taste but I like it.

In the end, I was in foodie heaven with my little snacks and tea that evening while having a quiet one just reading and hanging out with my cat. The truth is I barely made a dent – I only managed to eat a little bit of the chow mein and tofu. I still have plenty of leftovers 2 days later. The best part? All these food for just $9! It was a fun “me time” evening.

06.19.14, Thursday @ 5 pm, Oakland

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