The Saturday Evening Post: 06.21.14

It has been a very tedious week at work. It has been so busy with moving into a new office even if it was just on the same floor. With deadlines and training a new team member, I am just really exhausted by the time I get home from work.


  • Summer Weather: The days had been gorgeous. Definitely a “sandals weather.”
  • Freebies: Free samples of Bolthouse Juice at the Civic Center. I went back twice to get 2 bottles but I gave one away. I just love freebies! šŸ™‚
  • “The Boyfriend”: My guy went on a business trip to Vegas on Wednesday and did not return until Friday afternoon.
  • Solo Evening: I had a couple of “me time” nights to myself but I was too tired to go out after work as I usually do whenever he is away. Spent my evenings listening to jazz, reading, drinking tea and pigging out on Chinese food.
  • Chinese Food Haul: Trip to Oakland Chinatown on Thursday after work and did a Chinese food haul.
  • More Snacks: And stocked up on more snacks from Ted’s deli earlier on Thursday (lasagna and spanakopita) which I am freezing for snack attacks later.
  • Girlfriend Lunch: Lunch with my gf Adrianna at Soul Groove. Had fried chicken breast (which I did not eat after two bites because it tasted freezer burnt), soggy fries and bland rice and beans. Gross! Bad meal but always enjoyable to have lunch dates with my friend.

Well, it is almost Sunday. Just a very lazy Saturday. My guy and I feel dead tired and trying to recharge. Having a super-relaxing weekend none the less. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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