I cannot remember the last time we skipped going out on a Saturday night. Since we started going out almost 7 years ago, we go out on a date night every single Saturday unless one of us is sick or it is family time. Date nights are our time catch up, try new places to eat and have fun in our relationship.  We have an almost perfect track record when it comes to date nights.  This Saturday, though, we were both beyond tired. He just came back from a business trip from Vegas while work just kicked my behind this past week. We decided to stay in and make it a pizza night. And it actually turned out to be really fun. He ordered a large meat pizza, pizza bread and potato wedges from Cybelle. We both stayed home in our pj’s pigging out on pizza and watching mindless TV shows and a movie – Thor 2. I broke out my favorite wine which is Gamay Rouge from V. Sattui (which is a really delicious strawberry wine.) With chilled wine, yummy pizza and potato wedges, in my pjs all day, movie and tv shows and hanging out with my guy, it turned out to be a great Saturday date night. Next Saturday, we will definitely go out again.


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