✿ Date Night @ Cholita Linda ✿

05.30.14, 2nd Visit @ Cholita Linda (Oakland)

Cholita Linda, a street food vendor turned “brick and mortar,"   is becoming one of our favorite casual quick eats spot in our hood. We enjoyed our first visit in April (here is the first post) that we decided to go back for a casual date night.

Once again, I enjoyed the bright space with lots of vivid colors. I just love the natural light – perfect for taking food pics!

My carnivore guy ordered 3 kinds of meat tacos including carnitas, carne asada and pollo.


I was finally able to try the famous fish taco and tofu taco.


And I could not resist the tortillas and chunky guacamole.


Once again we enjoyed our meal. Simple and no frills but the dishes at Cholita Linda are light and fresh compared to more traditional Latin food that are usually lard and oil-based.

$28 including tax and 2 sodas

*My guy wanted to order more but we just got there right on time at 5:30 pm. As soon as we sat down, the line was already out the door and he could not order anymore. We had to go to the taqueria next door to get more food to go which we ate while watching DVDs at home. LOL!

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