Little Escapes: A Day at Golden Gate Park


Tourist season in San Francisco is definitely full-on. I had to take another “use it or lose it” holiday. I decided to spend part of my day at Golden Gate Park to play with my new camera. I was in for a shock when I found out  that one of my favorite places on earth was jam-packed with cars with license plates from all over the US. This is not my usual quiet and peaceful oasis. On a Monday afternoon? I forgot that it is 4th of July holiday week and Pride was just yesterday. I decided to drive to Stow Lake but it was congested as well even with people playing loud music. You must be kidding me! It got better when I drove away from the museums and headed towards the Great Highway. Finally,  solitude.

Note to Self: I have to go back to Golden Gate Park in the Fall when tourist season is over and the place holds its magic again.


  • A small waterfall
  • Seagull
  • Lake
  • Bisons

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