Little Escapes: Ocean Beach/Great Highway


Final stop for today is Ocean Beach. I left Golden Gate Park and decided to make a quick stop at Ocean Beach to take some more pictures. I ended up walking on the sand to get closer to the water. It was warm yet windy at the same time.  There were many people on the beach as well taking advantage of this rare warm San Francisco weather. Even for just a short visit, it was exhilarating to feel the sands between my toes, wind in my hair and fill my lungs with ocean air. It was a wonderful feeling!

I only spent just over a couple of hours outdoors today. I left my house at 2 pm and got to Golden Gate Park at 2:16 pm. (With no traffic, I am only a short drive away to SF). I left the City a little after 4 pm because I wanted to beat the rush hour traffic.  Despite the short stay, it was a wonderful and lovely afternoon.

Note to Self: Go hiking at Ocean Beach again soon and stay longer this time.

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