23 Reasons To Love Sundays

  1. Cleaning the house and feeling light and fresh after doing it. Then you sit on your couch tired but admiring how neat and pretty your place is.
  2. Getting high on  jazz while you are doing your house chores AND more jazz while you are relaxing after working so hard.
  3. Long, luxurious hot shower that can only be done on Sundays where you are not rushing to go anywhere.
  4. Applying face mask after the boyfriend goes out to do his own thing.
  5. Deeply conditioning your hair while you are at it.
  6. Watching a  chicflick and allowing yourself to cry because you know that nobody will walk into your moment.
  7. Daydreaming the afternoon away.
  8. A glass or two of rosé, bubbly champagne, a deep red or chardonnay – whatever you want at the moment, really.
  9. Drinking cups after cups of hot black coffee.
  10. Tea, if you like, lots of it.
  11. Getting dressed in your favorite jeans, top and sandals, and go thriftshop shopping for that vase or hoping to find some treasures.
  12. Having a coffee date with your friend that you have not seen for a year but every time you see each other, it feels like the last time was just yesterday.
  13. Stocking up on snacks – japanese musubi, chocolates, mochi ice cream, macarons, and anything that would satisfy your sweet tooth.
  14. Cooking a big slow-cooked  meal while barefoot in your kitchen with all the works, preferably stew, even though the only person you are feeding is your man.
  15. Tearing apart sourdough bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and EVOO, and drinking a glass of wine while you are preparing a feast.
  16. Making a big bowl of pasta with EVOO, lots of sauteed garlic, red pepper flakes, basil, freshly ground peppers, parmesan and feta cheese. Savoring it even if you are trying to avoid eating carbs.
  17. Visiting your sister and nephew, bringing them a box of donuts and making a day of it just hanging out.
  18. Going to church and feel blessed the whole week, (Hopefully you wake up early enough to make it to the worship service.)
  19. Listening to the rain and thinking about how wonderful and scary life is but it just goes by so fast.
  20. Allowing the sunshine bathe your living room with bright glow and refusing to draw the curtain even it means the house would get too sunny and warm.
  21. Getting lost in a cozy mystery or great literature or detective story.
  22. Talking to your parents for an hour or so, and letting your parents forget that you are now an independent and mature woman but you let them still worry about you.
  23. Knowing that tomorrow is Monday, not your favorite day of the week, but also knowing that it is a fresh start, a new page for you to fill with new memories of weekday lunches with your BFF, window-shopping in the City and a chance for you to make a difference in the lives of others– until the weekend.

Inspired by: Thought Catalog posted by The Wanderlust Diary.

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