Girls Lunch Date at Ajisen Ramen (SF)



There is a ramen war currently going on in SF. I have yet to pick up a pair of chopsticks to join the ramen crusade. Maybe one day but for now, I am happy to continue going to Ajisen to get my ramen fix. Many Bay Area foodies consider Ajisen “not worthy.” As for me I find Ajisen’s ramen tasty and satisfying enough. The broth is always flavorful and the noodles are al dente.

My mejor amiga Edel and I decided to hit up Ajisen once again for our lunch date this month. We love Ajisen’s convenient location at the San Francisco Shopping Center. (Click here to read our previous visit to Ajisen.)


She ordered a  (funny-shaped) fried fish with rice this time. I watched her really enjoy it.  She also said that it was really good. It came with a thick dipping sauce.


I ordered a pork and corn ramen with tonkatsu broth  because I was craving corn. Just like with my previous experiences at Ajisen, the broth’s flavors was rich and deep enough.

With a wonderful hour of friendship, our meal at Ajisen was very enjoyable. My bowl was neither too big nor too small. It just hit that spot. Edel’s portion was generous that she had to take the rest home. Our meal was $19 plus change before tip.

Thanks, amiga, for the lovely lunch and present. The next month’s lunch date is on me!!! xoxo

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PS I was thrilled to find out that there are Ajisen Ramen spots in Metro Manila Philippines as well!

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