Week in Pics: 07.19.14

  • LUNCH DATE:  Ramen at Ajisen (SF) with BFF Edel on Monday.
  • BEING GIRLIE:  Got my hair done on Wednesday at Fringe Salon in SF. Love my stylist and I always feel happy everytime I pamper myself.
  • CRAVINGS:   I just had to indulge my Falafel Wrap  cravings at Gyro King at Civic Center (SF).
  • SWEET PASTRIES: I try to limit eating pastry to just one per week but since I discovered a pastry vendor at the Farmer’s Market, I could not resist the Blueberry Mango Pastry on top of my weekly Almond Croissant.  Now I am in trouble!
  • HEALTHY EATING: I could not resist these heirloom tomatoes as I was passing by our local produce store. I made an heirloom tomato salad which turned out to be not just delicious but beautiful with its vibrant colors.
  • CONFESSIONS: I ate a deep-fried pastrami and sauerkraut egg roll from Morty’s Deli (SF) because my guy wanted a pastrami sandwich for our Friday dinner. I did not have anything else that I wanted on the menu so I got this. I just had to blame it on somebody! Not bad but I usually do not eat “bad” stuff like this! Yikes!
  • CELEBRATIONS: Celebrated honorary BFF Russ’ bday at Smuggler’s Cove with his partner, the girls and another friend we have not seen in a years. BFF Heather made a  party favor of lollipop with the bday boy’s name on it. Very thoughtful and cute! Had so much fun.

“It is not perfect but it still is a happy and well-lived life.”

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