Little Escapes

      English Toffee And A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Little John’s Candies (SF)

“Crafting Smiles Since 1924”

I often manage to avoid this candy shop which is not far from work by crossing the street and not walking by it.  The shop is just a couple of years old but you will be transformed into old fashioned candy shop once you step into the store.  The candies are all made on site and the shop smells of Christmas (my most favorite scents in the world) — vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and sugar— even on a hot summer day in San Francisco.

Somehow Little John manages to find me at work. When I walked in today, a  box of English Toffee Crunch was waiting for me in our staff lounge. It kept on trying to make eye contact and I finally allowed myself to be seduced.  I broke off a small piece of sugary heaven and savored it with a hot cup of coffee.

Sugar high on a Friday morning. Delicious!

TGIF and Happy Friday, everyone!


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