Smuggler’s Cove


Honorary BFF’s Birthday Celebration at Smuggler’s Cove (SF)

Russell and I have been friends for about 14 years now. It has become a tradition in our friendship for me to organize a birthday party for him every year. As I am writing this right now, those years are starting to come back. We celebrated at Ti Couz, Bar Bambino and Bossa Nova in San Francisco. (All of these places are already closed.) There was one year when his parents and sister drove up to SF for his birthday and I was invited to the family dinner. And just now, I am remembering that we were together on his birthday while we were in Northampton in Massachusetts 8 years ago. Wow! So many memories of friendships. I am sure that I will be remembering more later.

For Russell’s birthday this year, I made sure that it was at Smuggler’s Cove. His partner has been wanting to share a Scorpion Bowl with us after seeing a picture of us girls sharing a fiery cocktail in a skull bowl. It has become a private joke in their relationship.

As always, A was the first one at the venue. Even after arriving at SC just minutes after it opened, the bar was already packed. We could not get a table. The rest arrived – me, H, J, Russell’s partner, Russell (who was late) and our long-lost friend Mike. We ordered a round of Rum Barrel while hoping for a table to become available. We never got a table but we still had lots of fun sitting at the bar. The pirate-themed place with colorful glass orbs is enough to make one feel naughty.

When we finally accepted that we will not get to sit at a table, we finally decided to order the Scorpion Bowl. Finally, Russell and his partner were able to share a bowl after joking about it all these years! The only caveat was the cocktail was not served in a skull as the two dreamed of. We saw the skull bowl in a corner being used to hold oranges. Oh, well, we just have to come back again. This has been our second time at Smuggler’s Cove. It is always fun and the drinks are always very yummy (and strong).

BFF H also made a party favor of lollipop with Russell’s name on it. So cute and so thoughtful. 

Happy Birthday, Russell. Have many, many more and I will always make sure to organize a fun celebration for you! xoxo



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