Life in Pics: 07.26.14

This week has been very uneventful. There were no girlfriends lunch dates and there were hardly any food pics on my phone this week. I was so busy that I barely got out of my office. However, it was a productive and quiet week.


  • A PARKING TICKET on Tuesday!!!! $66! I did not know that it was street cleaning day! @#!$#&!
  • It has been upper 70s/low 80s HOT! HOT! HOT!
  • Therefore it was “sandals weather.” A good excuse to buy a new pair of cute wedge sandals at Nordstrom Rack. Love that they are so comfy!
  • Proud of myself for bringing my lunch all week aside from a lunch of Chicken Cobb Salad from San Francisco Soup Company.
  • Peach season and I love peaches! I am also proud of myself for choosing to buy peaches instead of pastries from the Farmers’ Market. Healthier eating this week.

Thankful for another week that was full of simple pleasures and blessings.

Note to Self: Get out more next week during lunch time!

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