100  Blessings

     13.  Sharing a Meal Together As A Family

All my life, God has always been good and faithful to me. I am not saying that my life has always been smooth and without trials. There were many, some of them really difficult and I know that there will be more. During those tough times, though, my faith, friends and my family were what got me through to the other side. My parents, who are always very loving and supportive, are my biggest blessings in life. I am very grateful.

And this week, my parents are back visiting us here in the CA again! Yay! For the first time in almost 5 years, we had dinner as a family – my  mom and dad, my brother. sister and myself. Uncle, nephews and niece were with us a well, I visit my parents in the Manila every year but it has been few years since my siblings have seen our parents. I am so happy I could burst. Last Tuesday was one of those treasured moments. I pray for many more happy shared moments with my mom and dad, and us as family for years to come.

*This was a simple weeknight dinner at my brother’s house. My sister-in-law cooked roast turkey, beef sinigang (beef in tamarind soup) and chicken afritada (tomato-based chicken stew). She is a good cook! We are Pinoys/Pinays (slang for Filipinos), so rice is a must. I ignored all the other stuff so I could concetrate on the beef sinigang. Sooo delicious! Gotta get it while I can! 🙂

07.29.14, San Jose

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