Dinner at M.Y. China (SF)


I am one lucky gal! Having so many supervisors is enough to drive one into a deep depression. Ha! Ha! Lucky for me, not only do I love my job but I have also been blessed with superiors who are kind, fair and brilliant. One of my bosses took me out to dinner at M.Y. China and she generously picked up the check. She told me that she felt bad for not being able to talk to me lately and to show me that she really appreciates me. Having sadist bosses in the past, hearing these words are like a balm for one’s morale. And we hardly talked about work. We talked about family, life in general, foodie stuff, tv shows – mostly fun stuff. It was truly an enjoyable evening not just because of the yummy drink and food, but truly because of the wonderful company. I told her that I want to return the gesture by taking her out to dinner next time.

DRINKS: $10-12 each

  • ·    "“UNDER THE BELL” (Prosecco, ginger liqueur and elderberry) was my drink and I truly enjoyed it.  It was lovely, not too light but not strong,  which was what I was looking for. Yum!
  • ·        VESPER for her (gin, vodka and Americano)


We shared who lovely dishes:

  • ·      SPICY SEAFOOD DUMPLINGS $9  (6 pieces) 麻辣海鮮餃 scallops, shrimp, spinach wrapper
  • ·        MU SHU PORK TACOS $9  (2) 野豬木须肉 wild boar, cabbage and egg

 It has been my second time at M.Y. China. Ambiance is so much fun. We decided to eat at the bar but I also want to sit at the noodle bar next time for casual eats, and at the exquisite dining room for more formal dining. I give Martin Yan a thumbs up on this one!

NOTE TO SELF: Return for Happy Hour! M-F/3 pm – 6 pm/$7 cocktails/$5 bites


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