100 Happy Moments

     15. Rare “Me Time” Saturdays

An Enjoyable Saturday in the Mission

Sometimes in relationships, there are moments when we need to hit the pause button, A break is necessary to take care of ourselves, take stock of what we have and gain new perspectives. Quarrels are not fun but after the storm passes over, you appreciate what you begin to take for granted in your relationship. Obviously, I am talking about mine. In the many years that we have been together, we spend every Saturday with each other, and we hardly had any major fights. Little arguments often lasted just half an hour and they are over. We had to take a longer break on this one.  We survived and hopefully, we are stronger and wiser.

I found out later on that he was the one who was really miserable and could not sleep for few nights,  while I took this opportunity to spend the day as I wish. And despite feeling sad, I actually had fun! ( I know that I am gloating now and I need to stop. Ha!Ha!) This was how I spent my day:

  • I had to go to the Mission to pickup the 3 dozen mini-cupcakes that I pre-ordered from Mission Minis for my nephew’s 11th birthday.
  • Had an Oyster Sandwich at Basa’s. I have been lusting after this oyster sammie forever. I finally got to try it! It was more like a “burger"  instead of individually fried oysters. It was not greasy at all and tasted really fresh. YUM!
  • Got a much-needed mani/pedi at Center Nails. (Tip for the ladies: pampering yourself when having relationship issues will really make you feel better. Go out instead of mopping around  and waiting for him to call!)
  • Walked around and  went browsing at Mission’s many interesting boutiques including one that is dedicated to Frieda Kahlo, and admired Mission’s Victorian/Edwardian architecture.
  • Before I went home, I could not resist and grabbed a couple of pan dulce (sweet pastries) from La Reyna. The experience of buying these pastries is part of the fun. You grab a tray and tongs, grab whatever pastries you want then pay for them at the cashier.
  • At home – a fun mystery novel, a nice wine, cheese, crackers and Filipino treats that my parents and cousins from the Philippines sent me. A relaxing evening.

This turned out to be a therapy/foodie review. This just proves that food therapy works as well! 🙂

Final Words of Wisdom:

"Be very happy in your relationship but also  learn how to be happy with or without the other person.” – my own personal mantra

“Sometimes couples have to argue, not to prove who’s right or wrong, but to be reminded that their love is worth fighting for.” – found on Pinterest


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