Much-Loved/Well-Fed Girl Week in Pics: 07.28.14

Blessings this week came in the form of food (lots of them) provided by friends and family.

  • My parents brought me a lot of pasalubong (def: present usually given by one arriving from a trip).  My special request was hopia (which is a bean cake). They brought me a box.
  • My parents also brought me some ensemada which is my other favorite Filipino pastry.  (Ensemada is a Filipino pastry first brought to the Philippines by Spain.) The pastry is made with lots of butter and sugar, topped with cheese, sometimes filled with ham pieces.  A good ensemada is light and flaky, and so good with coffee. (Just like what my parents brought me.) YUM!
  • Lots of coffees for my Keurig coffee maker from sis-in-law.
  • Beef ribs sinigang (beef soup in tamarind broth) at my brother’s house. First dinner as a whole family in 5 years. Sooo good!
  • Dim sum bites and drink at M.Y China. My boss’ treat. A very enjoyable dinner!
  • More pasalubong from my cousins in the Philippines – pastillas, polvoron, corn nuts and peanuts.
  • My mom’s kare-kare which I miss so much. My mom is a great cook and this is her specialty. She makes it from scratch. Kare-kare is a traditional Filipino beef dish using oxtail and/or tripe in savory thick peanut sauce. It is served with bagoong  (shrimp paste) on the side. My mom said she will cook a pot just for me. YUMMO!

This has been my week in a nutshell. It was full of food which translates to full of love from friends and family. I am very grateful for God’s blessings.

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