Soul Groove (SF)

Girlfriends Lunch Date with Adrienna

Before you start drooling, don’t. Just. Don’t.  My meal at Soul Groove was an utter failure. 

There was a time in my life when I could have chosen fried chicken and waffles to be my last meal on earth. Now that I no longer have the metabolism of a teenager on steroids, I am proud to say that I live a healthier lifestyle. Once in a while we are entitled to be a little bad, right?

My friend Adrienna and I looked forward to eating at Soul Groove. Located in the Tenderloin, the place is casual, cute and whimsy with checkered tablecloth and milk cans to hold the utensils.

I ordered everything a la carte since I did not really want to eat a waffle and big piece of fried chicken. I had:

  • An order of sweet potato fries (Soggy, limp and greasy!)
  • Fried chicken breast (DRY and tasted freezer-burnt! Gross!)
  • Black beans and rice (Bland. The canned version is better.)

To add insult to injury, my tab was $13 for food that I did not eat!

My GF fared better. She said her Chicken Fried Soul which is fried chicken sandwich wrapped in bacon in between two waffles was not good nor bad but just okay. $6.50

Here’s my Chicken and Waffle Résumé:

These are okay to good places to get your chicken and waffle groove on. * are my faves but the ultimate favorites are Brenda’s and Lois the Pie Queen.


 💔Never again! 💔

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