Week in Pics: 08.10.14, Sunday

Between work and family, this week just went by so fast. It felt like I closed my eyes on Monday and I woke up on Saturday. There were a lot of family stuff, even though I did not see my parents again until Sunday. Just a lot of planning of family activities over the phone.

  • Lots of Filipino food leftovers that my mom and sister-in-law cooked from last weekend that I did not have to go out for weekday  lunches at all. I feasted on menudo, igado, stirfried sitaw (green beans) – yummy Pinoy dishes!
  • Highlight of my week was a wonderful afternoon tea with BFF Heather at Tara Y Tara Tea House in the City. What a delicious afternoon spent with her just catching up, slowing down and relaxing over many cups of hot tea and tea sandwiches in a cozy setting.  (Separate post to follow.)
  • The BF was also busy with his side of the family. We had to divide and conquer. No date night on Saturday :(. He had to spend it with his family…..
  • While I opted to spend Saturday getting the house ready for my parents’ visit next week. I was out and about shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Cost Plus. I used this as an excuse to finally buy a new artwork for the living room. I like it!
  • And I could not resist getting a couple of bars of chocolates — coconut dark chocolate and chili super-dark chocolates, few bottles of wine and some stationary thingy-s that I just MUST have. 🙂
  • Sunday was spent with my parents at my sister’s house. Lots of yummy Filipino food again. My mom cooked salmon sinigang. We also had fried tilapia, fried smelt and green beans adobo. So nice to hangout with my mom and dad, and play with my little nephew.

Grateful for each precious moment with my mom, dad and family.

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