Saturday In My Kitchen:

Tri-Color Pasta With Prawns, Fresh Tomatoes, Blood Orange EVOO, Parmesan-Romano and Fresh Lemon-Thyme

Rare Saturday where the BF and I were not together. No LQ this time. 🙂 Just family responsibilities on both sides that we had to attend to separately. 

I spent the day shopping at Cost Plus, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Grocery Outlet. I did some home decor haul at CP and Bed, Bath and Beyond – a new print for the fireplace mantel, soap dishes, bath linens – all in preparation for my parents’ 3 day visit at my house.

Also took advantage and stocked up on teas and  wines (5 bottles) to add to my collection. You know,  for those evenings when a glass of wine is such a well-deserved treat. Among my purchase from Cost Plus is a pack of tri-color pasta.

Since BF was not coming home until pretty late, I cooked a pot of Tri-Color Pasta With Prawns, Fresh Tomatoes, Blood Orange EVOO, Parmesan-Romano and Fresh Lemon-Thyme in my Straub Coq Au Vin. (This is one of  most prized possessions in my kitchen. Mine looks exactly like this.)

There is really nothing to this dish and anyone can make it. Such a forgiving recipe that you can totally improvise:

Ingredients are the same as the title of this recipe.

  • Cook your fave pasta according to package direction.
  • Saute minced garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).
  • Then remove from skillet to avoid burning.
  •  Saute the prawns using the same oil in the pan.
  •  Mix the pasta, shrimp, garlic and fresh diced tomatoes together and top with grated or shaved Parmesan. (Add feta cheese if you want.)
  • Drizzle EVOO on top. ( I used Blood Orange Infused EVOO)
  • Freshly ground pepper is a must for me!
  • Add some chili flakes to heat things up!
  • I pinched some fresh lemon-thyme from my herb garden, chopped and mixed in for earthy, refreshing flavors. 

So easy! So comforting! So yummy! With a glass of nice Pinot Noir, it turned out a nice “me time” while waiting for the BF to come home.


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