Date Night at Athineon (Berkeley)

06.28.14, Saturday @ Athineon (Berkeley)

The BF and I try new restaurants every Saturday night. And in the  Bay Area where there are thousands of places to eat, it is fun to play this foodie game.

Despite our resolve to not go to the same restaurant twice, Athineon is one place I really want to go back to. I am salivating just thinking about it right now.


Athineon is not just a great find but a total gem. It is a cozy little Greek restaurant in Berkeley. On a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, the restaurant was cheerful and bright with  whimsical sea blue walls and Mediterranean decor. A Greek-speaking grandma was working in the kitchen.


We started off with Mykono Platter $13: 4 Different dips of Hummus, Melitzanosalata, Tzatziki, & Tirokafteri w/ Pita. The pita breads were warm and plentiful.


Now this is the reason why I want to go back:  BRAISED LAMB SHANK!  $19 Braised in wine sauce, served over rice and came with a generous plate of green salad. This lamb was soooo tender and tasty that I still remember it to this day! The portion was huge that I enjoyed the leftovers as well.


SPARTAN GYRO $13: Touted as the biggest sandwich in town with Gyro and Souvlaki combined, my guy was pretty disappointed with the size. It was not really all that big compared to many manwiches in the Bay Area (Hello, Ike’s Place!)


Despite being stuffed and going home with leftovers, I could not resist taking a honey-drizzled Baklava $4 to go! So heavenly!

$75 including tip and a glass of Retsina (Greek Wine $9). Plenty of leftovers for two more meals!


  • Go back and order Braised Lamb again.
  • Try the Sex Cake. (It’s described as warm chocolate cake drizzled with more chocolate and whipped cream. I ’m not kidding!)


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