Afternoon Tea with Heather at Tara Y Tara

Tara Y Tara Tea Shoppe (San Francisco)

BFF Heather and I had a tea date at TYT. Neither of us had been here before. Located in a residential Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco, this place is hard to miss because of the handsome horse that is guarding the door.


Tara Y Tara is probably going to be the most unusual afternoon tea venue that I will ever visit. You will never suspect that inside a polo store  is a cozy tea shoppe. It is almost like a setting for a British children’s magic picture book in an equestrian setting.


The tea shoppe is located in the back of the store. It was old world and posh  with a huge dark wood fireplace.  There is even an antique coffee truck inside the store that adds to the chaotic fairy tale look.


The tea shoppe itself  is dark but warm and cozy.


BFF Heather generously treated me to an afternoon tea. She had a Groupon. (We both love Groupon! It enables us to discover new fun places and for a less!) 

We had the Prince William and Lady Katherine Tea Service for Two  ($54 regular price)


  •   Pot of tea for two
  •   Scottish shortbread cookies
  •   Classic motorloaf sandwiches
  •   Choice of two homemade scones with Devonshire cream and jam
  •   Two salads

Our teapots even came in tea cozies. I had the Strawberry Black Tea while Heather had the Breakfast Tea. My tea was delicious with milk and sugar!


Heather had the Mixed Spring Greens with country vinaigrette while I had the  Tal-y-Tara Wedge Salad with bleu cheese and peppered bacon.


And finally, we got to try the Motorloaf which is a hollowed-out loaf of bread.  Bread slices from the loaf are  filled with meats and spread, and put back inside the loaf crusts. Our dainty tea sandwich selections were  ham, turkey, egg salad, watercress and cucumber, and salmon and cream cheese. The lightly sweetened bread added to the deliciousness of the little sandwiches.


The food was plentiful and Heather and I were both stuffed! We had to take our scones with devonshire cream and jams to go (which we both enjoyed that weekend!)


Notes On Friendship:

The tea itself was wonderful but it was really being with Heather that made the afternoon very enjoyable. Afternoon teas with her are among my most favorite memories. They are special moments of really enjoying our friendship. Tea time is our time to finally let our hair down for a little bit, let go of worries by talking about them, cry a little (sometimes), laugh a lot… After many cups of tea, I always leave the place smiling and feeling a little lighther. And I think she feels the same way as well.

Thanks for the delicious afternoon tea treat, wonderful and relaxing afternoon and being the best BFF ever! xoxo

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08.016.14, Wednesday @ 1pm

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