100 Blessings

     15.  Beautiful Moments With My Parents

(Sleepover At My House And Exploring San Francisco)

During the last week, our home life has revolved around getting ready for my parents’ 3 day visit at my house. The BF was such a trooper– not only did he stay until 3 am on Saturday morning painting the bathroom, slept for 5 hours then continued painting again.  Then he graciously gave me space to really enjoy my parents by staying at his family’s house for 3 days. It was one of the most beautiful presents that he has given me.

It was not like the house was a mess. The truth is I am such a neat-freak and slightly OCD. I am just so excited that my mom and dad are staying at my house for 3 days.

Here are the highlights of their visit:

  • DAY 1: Took my parents shopping at Cost Plus at Jack London Square after I picked them up from my sister’s house in San Jose. Mom went crazy-shopping.
  • Mom and dad finally got to eat the jook, rice rolls and chinese broccoli that they have been craving for at Gum Kuo at Oakland Chinatown.
  • Took them to my house. All the hard work paid off. They commented  that my house is clean and looked beautiful. [Words that I wanted to hear from my parents. 🙂 ] Of course, this did not prevent my mom from cleaning my house all over again! Like mother, like daughter = neat freaks!
  • DAY 2: My parents slept in until almost 9 am which they rarely do.  They said they slept soundly and comfortably.
  • Pancakes and  omelette  breakfast at Black Bear Diner in Emeryville. My mom really loved the veggie omelette and hashbrowns.
  • A quick stop at the Golden Gate Windmill for my mom who loves flowers.
  • Hiking at Ocean Beach with my parents. My dad was really pleased with himself for walking all the way to the Golden Gate lookout.
  • A quick lunch of hot chocolate and bagel, goat cheese and lox at the gift shop while having a breathtaking view of Sutro baths. My parents enjoyed browsing through the history of this part of San Francisco.
  • Nap time for the parents at around 2pm who wanted to go home first. I had this genuis idea of taking them to the Alamo Park – home of the Painted Ladies. (Remember Full House?) I let them sleep for an hour while I went strolling, woke them up, took a couple of pics then off we went to the next destination.
  • Took my parents shopping at TJ Maxx at SoMA. Mom went crazy shopping again!
  • Had to scratch off Japan Town on the list for dinner. Dinner of tempura and salmon sashimi at Shimizu Sushi – a neighborhood Japanese restaurant.
  • Parents were pleased and happy with our San Francisco adventures.
  • DAY 3: Dad and I picked up a box of pastries at Rockridge and ate it at home for breakfast over tea and coffee.
  • Spent the day at Oakland Chinatown buying bazillion dim sum which they took back to my sister’s house in San Jose.
  • Late lunch at 3 pm of hamburger, fries and onion rings at Barney’s on Piedmont. Dad was craving “good burger” not fast food. He enjoyed the burger and finished half while my mom and i just watched. We were still too full from breakfast!
  • A quick stop at Trader Joes for cheese (dad), strawberry mochi (baby nephew) and sunflowers (for me).
  • Brought my parents back to San Jose. I was exhausted but super-happy. Passed out when I got home.

Such a long TMI post but I want to always remember these days. Being able to spend these 3 days with my parents is such a rare treat. To be able to  enjoy my parents in their old age is one of the biggest blessings of my life, and I treasure every moment.

08.17-19,2014, Sunday – Tuesday

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