100 Happy Moments

    16. Football Season!

I just love football season! My parents forgot to call me (even though they said they did!) for us to go to church together and have brunch afterwards. I felt bad at first for being the only member of my family (well, including the BF) who was not able to go to church then brunch later.  They were blowing up my phone to drive down to San Jo to meet them for brunch but I decided to stay home.

But it was all good since I had a little bit of “me time” and able to enjoy watching Niners vs. Chargers with my kitty. (The BF was out and about.) I was badly craving cheese and crackers but since I have a work presentation tomorrow, I couldn’t. (I am lacto – major life fail.) I settled for smoked salmon instead on toasted bagel and a  glass (okay, two) of nice Pinot Noir.  It was so funny that my kitty would not leave me alone until it occurred to me  that he was eyeing the salmon. He is a nice kitty and not a thief – he left after a while to satisfy himself on kitty crunchies.

Here’s to a great football season! 7-21! GO NINERS!!!!

08. 24. 14

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